Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection

For those with severe, life threatening food allergies, accurate and reliable information about ingredients in foods is absolutely essential.  The Food Allergen Labeling Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA) which goes in to effect in 2006 will lift some of the burden for those for whom knowing what is in a food is a matter of life and death.
House bill S.3684 has passed!!!

Congratulations to everyone that has worked so hard to make this possible. Thank you, Rep. Lowey! Thank you, Senator Kennedy!

What's this all about?

The effort to insure  accurate, easy-to-understand labeling is not as simple as one might think (see history).  Legislation has been passed to clearly label foods as organic, but little has been done to protect those with severe food allergies from accidental exposure by mandating clear and consistent labeling of foods containing known allergens. This page contains information that may be helpful for those who wish to take an active role in encouraging legislation to make life better for those with food allergies.

Scroll down or use these links for more information on food allergy legislation, a list of other related links, and instructions for submitting comments. Look at the progress page to see how things are going in getting legislative support. Click here for more information about contacting your representatives.

The Issue
History (Nat.)
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In a 'Nutshell'

The problem is that allergic reactions to foods can be provoked by less than 1/5000th of an ounce of an allergen1.  Such trace amounts are well above the levels caused by cross-contamination in poorly developed industrial food manufacturing.  Another factor is that allergens can be disguised in food ingredients.  For example, soy lecithin obviously comes from soybeans (soybeans are one of the so-called 'big eight' allergens), but less obvious is that lecithin not made from soy likely contains egg (another 'big eight' allergen). But under existing labeling laws, it is not required for soy or egg to be specifically identified on a food label of a product containing one of these ingredients, making it confusing or difficult for someone with food allergies to make an informed decision. .

The urgent need is to insure that at least the so-called 'big eight' allergens - soybeans, eggs, milk, peanuts, wheat, fish, shellfish, and tree nuts - are all clearly specified on the labels of foods in which they are found, and by the common name by which they are known.

So-called "voluntary" compliance is useless, since a single exception can cause a fatality. Its impossible to know which companies have adopted voluntary labeling and have safe foods, and which have not and have improperly labeled foods. Only if 100% of all food labels can be trusted, can any food labels be trusted.

The flip side of the coin is "may contain" labeling, used as an "out" to relieve manufacturers of the burden of proper labeling, while protecting them from litigation.  Such labeling either places all such foods off limits to those with food allergies (some large manufacturers label virtually all of their foods with this catch-all phrase) or leads to a reverse false sense of security that even if foods are so marked, they are probably safe anyway.

Another complication in the food labeling issue is terminology. In one study it was found that as few as 7% of parents could properly identify milk and soy from common food labels. Labels that fall short of their primary purpose to inform because of the use of technical jargon are not acceptable when a life is at stake.

Only federal legislation can begin to generate the confidence needed for food allergy sufferers to truly feel safe.

How You Can Help

Recent News [RSS Feed]

07/20/04 - The world got a little safer today, at least for those with food allergies. The FALCPA was passed by Congress and now awaits the President's signature. Read more here. In 2006 it will be possible to tell from a food's label if it is safe. Congratulations, Andrew!

Thank you all for your hard work to make this possible!

06/17/04 - Rep. Allen from Maine has signed on, bringing the total count to 54! Also, though not mentioned on the Thomas web site, its been reported in the news that H.R.3684 has been approved by the Subcommittee on Health and is now under consideration by the house Committee on Energy and Commerce. Consideration is over whether to accept the Senate version, or re-enter the reconciliation process. Let your representatives know we need this now, not later!

06/09/04 - H.R.3684 now has a total of FIFTY-THREE co-sponsors! Your efforts are making a difference. Keep up the pressure!

05/18/04 - Two new sponsors this week for H.R.3684!

05/05/04 - H.R.3684 has added four new sponsors! Many thanks to the folks in Washington, California and Maryland! (Click here for a list of sponsors).

04/21/04 - Five new co-sponsors have signed on! This brings the total to 43! Only 397 to go!

04/05/2004 - Added RSS Feed for legislative news.

04/02/2004 - Two new co-sponsors for H.R.3684! This is going to happen! Go! Go! Go!

03/25/2004 - Three new co-sponsors for H.R.3684! We're getting there! Keep up the pressure!

03/10/2004 - If you live in Illinois or Minnesota and wrote to your Representative recently - THANKS!

TWO new co-sponsors were added from these states on Wednesday! KEEP IT UP!

03/08/2004 - IT PASSED!!!  Senate Bill S.741 has passed! To everyone that contacted your Senators, GREAT JOB!!! There have been several press releases on this tremendous step:

Two-thirds of the work is done. Now comes the hard part. Contact your representative and insist that they co-sponsor H.R.3684, the Food Allergen Labeling Consumer Protection Act, introduced by Rep. Nita Lowey.

We're close. VERY close. This CAN happen. Write TODAY!

03/05/2004 - Not "news" per se, but I updated the section on how to write to your representatives.

02/26/2004 - GREAT JOB! There are four new co-sponsors on H.R.3684 and one new co-sponsor on S.741! To those of you who contacted your reps in Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Washington State, thank you! If your reps aren't on the list, contact them today!

02/22/2004 - I have been getting questions about the strange way the FALCPA has been woven into S.741. To help clarify, here is the introductory description of Title II of S.741:

"The intent of Title II of S. 741 is to require plain English ingredient labeling of products that contain milk, eggs, fish, Crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans--collectively referred to as the eight major food allergens."

The Thomas web site now has a reasonably plain text description of the Title II portion of S.741 that helps explain what the FALCPA is and what it will do if this bill is passed. Select the link for "TITLE II".

02/20/2004 - S.741 was placed on the Senate Legislative calendar on Wednesday. Hopefully this means that the bill is getting closer to a vote. However, don't stop urging your representatives to support this bill. It still has to be reconciled with the House version, and faces the possibility of being watered down as part of the reconciliation process. Let your reps know that we need this legislation to be strong! Urge them to co-sponsor this bill and send a message to Congress.

02/04/2004 - The good news is that both the House and Senate versions are still moving, but we still have a ways to go. H.R.3684 now has twenty-six co-sponsors, and S.741 now has twenty! This is great news, but we can't stop now. If they haven't appeared on the list of co-sponsors ( H.R.3684, S.741) urge your Senators and Representatives to sign on today!

A piece of stale news that I missed before now was a press release from John Kerry, announcing that he plans to insure correct labeling of foods during his "first hundred days". I'm trying to get information on the other candidates positions. If you hear anything, I'd like to know!

12/08/2003 - The pieces are in place! H.R.3684 has been introduced in the House by Nita Lowey. This is the companion bill for S.741 currently in the Senate. CALL your representatives TODAY and urge their support for H.R.3684 and S.741!!!

11/21/2003 - Its time. The FALCPA is here! However, a word of explanation is in order. Apparently Sen. Gregg determined that the best way to get the FALCPA through was to combine it with another bill, S.741, the Minor Use and Minor Species Animal Health Act of 2003. Strange as it may seem, this is the bill we are pinning our hopes on to mandate a nationwide standard for the labeling of food allergens.

The bill is garnering support from a variety of organizations interested in promoting the welfare of those with food allergies. PLEASE write to your Senator immediately and urge support of the food labeling provisions of S.741. A house version should be introduced soon, and it will be posted here so you can write to your representative in the House, as well. Supporters:

9/30/2003 - The FALCPA may be introduced soon, but the approach is different than in previous years. Vigorous attempts are underway to insure adequate support to fast track and pass the bill quickly as soon as it is introduced. Instead of waiting until the bill is introduced, write to your representative NOW. Urge support for the FALCPA sponsored by Sen. Judd Gregg and Rep. Nita Lowey, ask your representative's position on the bill, and if you get a reply, let me know the result!

8/23/2003 - Thanks to an email from someone who saw this page, I just found out that another low-key food labeling bill was introduced earlier this year: H.R.1495. Although it doesn't address food allergies specifically, it is targeted at making food labeling more accurate and reliable, which is most of what those with food allergies really want.

8/7/2003 - At least one Senator and one Representative have confirmed that the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA) is poised to be re-introduced in September! Start sharpening your pencils, and tune in here often for details. For those that can't wait, its not too early to request your representatives to contact the sponsors and join with them in co-sponsoring the FALCPA. Although there is no official indication yet, Representative Nita Lowey and Senator Edward Kennedy are good contacts for representatives looking to co-sponsor this important legislation.

7/24/2003 - Another co-sponsor signs on for H.R.2023, so apparently not all our representatives are on vacation! Also, though its not listed here, H.R.2790, the Breastfeeding Promotion Act (introduced July 18th), is likely to be of interest to parents of children with food allergies.

Also of possible interest to some parents, Senate Bill number 7 (S.7) has several amendments regarding pediatric drug labeling.

6/30/2003 - H.R.2023 and H.R.2018 both recently added sponsors and both are moving through committee, a good sign.

6/23/2003 - Although not recent news, Representative Nita Lowey, one of the strongest Congressional advocates for those with food allergies, has revamped her web page. Of particular note, this article is the first official mention of the revival of the FALCPA that I've been able to find.

6/2/2003 - Two new sponsors for H.R. 2023! Check the progress page to see if your representative has signed on!

Also, Nita Lowey re-introduced the Asthma Act (H.R. 2018) on May 7th!

5/21/2003 - H.R.2023 looks like its on a fast track. Three new sponsors have signed on this week, and one new sponsor has signed on for H.R.1149. Check back for information on Senate bill S.1004 soon.

5/14/2003 - A hearing on Massachusetts Senate Bill No. 513 was held at the Statehouse in Boston. There was an excellent turn out and much compelling testimony about the positive impact that making Massachusetts restaurants safer for those with food allergies will have. If you haven't contacted your Massachusetts state senator or representative, do it now!

5/8/2003 - H.R.467 is alive! Three new representatives have given their ultimate support by signing on as co-sponsors! Many thanks to Representatives Dennis Kucinich, Steve Rothman and Janice Schakowsky. And to those of you in Ohio, New Jersey and Illinois, respectively, who may have played a role by writing to your representatives, thanks to you too! Keep up the good work!

5/1/2003 - May is Food Allergy Awareness month. Find out what local events are scheduled in your area to help raise awareness of food allergies and their impact on schools, businesses and communities.

2/27/2003 - Inertia is building for H.R.467.  Seven  more representatives have joined Nita Lowey to co-sponsor the "Food Ingredient Right to Know Act".  Contact your representative to express your support for this bill!  Although there hasn't been too much in the press on this new legislation, there is a lot of related background material in this article from the CSPI web site regarding legislation proposed by Ted Kennedy and Nita Lowey during 2002.

2/14/2003 - H.R. 467 has been referred to the Subcommittee on Health.  This is where six previous food allergen-related bills have died.  If your representative is a member of the Subcommittee on Health, please contact them.

1/29/2003 - Nita Lowey (D-NY), along with two co-sponsors, has introduced H.R. 467, legislation to enforce clear and accurate labeling of known allergens in foods.

Short History of U.S. Legislative Efforts

Note: To find the text of a bill, go to the Thomas web site, and enter the bill (either "hr 999" or "s.999" for House and Senate, respectively) in the box labeled "Bill Number".  To find bills introduced in previous sessions, choose one of the links beneath the heading Legislation, for example Bill Summary & Status, click on the session of Congress to search, and then enter the bill number.

If you have corrections or additions for the page, please refer to the comments section.

Pending: 6  Died in committee: 14  Passed: 2 
Introduced by
Co-sponsors & summary
Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY-18th)
Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act
Sen. Jeff Sessions (AL)
(Title II by Judd Gregg, NH)
Minor Use and Minor Species Animal Health Act of 2003
(Title II of this bill is the FALCPA)
Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-FL 6th)
Asthmatic Schoolchildren's Treatment and Health Management Act of 2003
Referred to Subcommittee on Health. 
Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY-18th)
Asthma Act
Referred to Subcommittee on Health. 
Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ-6th)
National Uniform Food Safety Labeling Act
Referred to Subcommittee on Health. 
Rep. Juanita Millender-McDonald (D-CA 37th)
Asthma Awareness, Education and Treatment Act of 2003
Referred to Subcommittee on Health. 
Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY-18th)
Food Ingredient Right to Know Act
(as of 5/8/03)
Referred to the Subcommittee on Health
Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY-18th)
Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA)
Referred to the Subcommittee on Health. 
Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA)
Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA)
Read twice and referred to the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. 
Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA)
(see also HR 4704)
Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA)
Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 739. 
Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY-18th)
(see also S.2499)
Food Allergen Consumer Protection Act
Referred to the Subcommittee on Health. 
Rep. Janice Schakowsky (D-IL-9th)
Safe Notification and Information for Fragrances Act
Referred to the Subcommittee on Health.
Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ-6th)
National Uniform Food Safety Labeling Act
Referred to the Subcommittee on Health.
Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY-18th)
H.R. 1682
Asthma Act
Referred to the Subcommittee on Select Education.
Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY-18th)
Food Ingredient Right to Know Act
Referred to the Subcommittee on Health. 
Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY-17)
H.R. 1144
Disease Research Revitalization Act of 2001
Referred to the Subcommittee on Health. 
Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY-18th)
H.R. 5532
Food Allergen Consumer Protection Act
Referred to the Subcommittee on Health and Environment. 
Rep. Janice Schakowsky (D-IL-9th)
H.R. 5238
Safe Notification and Information for Fragrances Act
Referred to the Subcommittee on Health and Environment.
Rep. Connie Morella* (R-MD-8th)
...strategies to better protect millions of Americans with food allergies...
Referred to the Subcommittee on Health and Environment. 
Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY-18th)
Asthma Act
Referred to the Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Youth and Families. 
Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ-6th)
H.R. 1346
National Uniform Food Safety Labeling Act
Referred to the Subcommittee on Health and Environment.
(* No longer in office)

Note regarding H.R. 2699: This bill has to do with food labeling. However, it is supported by the food industry, and not supported by public interest advocacy groups. Everyone has to follow their conscience, but I do not personally believe that this bill matches in spirit the other legislation on this site that is primarily intended to insure the health and safety of individuals who suffer from food allergies.

Government Leaders that have introduced legislation

Write to Representative Nita Lowey, Democrat, NY.
Write to Senator Ted Kennedy, Democrat, MA.
Write to Representative Jan Schakowsky, Democrat, IL.
Write to Representative Eliot Engel, Democrat, NY.
Write to Representative Frank Pallone, Democrat, NJ.
Write to Representative Cliff Stearns, Republican, FL.
Write to Representative Juanita Millender-McDonald

Other Advocates

These Senators and Representatives have all co-sponsored legislation to help protect and better the lives of those who suffer from food allergies.
Rep Barton, Joe [R-TX-6]
Rep Berkley, Shelley [NV-1]
Rep Brown, Sherrod [OH-13]
Rep Carson, Julia [IN-10]
Rep DeFazio, Peter A. [OR-4]
Rep DeLauro, Rosa L. [CT-3]
Rep Fattah, Chaka [PA-2]
Rep Frank, Barney [MA-4]
Rep Frost, Martin [TX-24]
Rep Hinchey, Maurice D. [NY-26]
Rep Hoeffel, Joseph M. [PA-13]
Rep Holt, Rush D. [NJ-12]
Rep Israel, Steve [NY-2]
Rep Jones, Stephanie Tubbs [OH-11]
Rep Kaptur, Marcy [OH-9]
Rep Kennedy, Patrick J. [RI-1]
Rep Kildee, Dale E. [MI-9]
Rep Kucinich, Dennis J. [OH-10]
Rep Langevin, James R. [RI-2]
Rep Lantos, Tom [CA-12]
Rep Lee, Barbara [CA-9]
Rep Levin, Sander M. [MI-12]
Rep Lowey, Nita M. [NY-18]
Rep Millender-McDonald, Juanita [CA-37]
Rep Miller, George [CA-7]
Rep Nadler, Jerrold [NY-8]
Rep Neal, Richard E. [MA-2]
Rep Norton, Eleanor Holmes [DC]
Rep Owens, Major R. [NY-11]
Rep Pallone, Frank, Jr. [NJ-6]
Rep Payne, Donald M. [NJ-10]
Rep Pelosi, Nancy [CA-8]
Rep Price, David E. [NC-4]
Rep Rangel, Charles B. [NY-15]
Rep Rothman, Steve R. [NJ-9]
Rep Roybal-Allard, Lucille [CA-33]
Rep Rush, Bobby L. [IL-1]
Rep Sanders, Bernard [VT]
Rep Smith, Adam [WA-9]
Rep Smith, Christopher H. [NJ-4]
Rep Stark, Fortney Pete [CA-13]
Rep Thompson, Bennie G. [MS-2]
Rep Tierney, John F. [MA-6]
Rep Towns, Edolphus [NY-10]
Rep Velazquez, Nydia M. [NY-12]
Rep Waxman, Henry A. [CA-29]
Rep Woolsey, Lynn C. [CA-6]
Sen Clinton, Hillary Rodham [NY]
Sen Collins, Susan M. [ME]
Sen Dodd, Christopher J. [CT]
Sen Frist, Bill [TN]
Sen Gregg, Judd [NH]
Sen Jeffords, James M. [VT]
Sen Roberts, Pat [KS]

Co-sponsorship of Legislation

H.R.3684 (108th - 2003)

A bill to amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to establish labeling requirements with respect to allergenic substances in foods, and for other purposes.

Rep Abercrombie, Neil - 4/21/2004 [HI-1]
Rep Allen, Thomas H. 6/17/2004 - [ME-1]
Rep Baird, Brian - 3/31/2004 [WA-3]
Rep Bishop, Timothy H. - 4/21/2004 [NY-1]
Rep Bradley, Jeb - 3/24/2004 [NH-1]
Rep Brown, Sherrod - 12/8/2003 [OH-13]
Rep Davis, Danny K. - 3/31/2004 [IL-7]
Rep DeLauro, Rosa L. - 12/8/2003 [CT-3]
Rep Emanuel, Rahm - 2/4/2004 [IL-5]
Rep Frank, Barney - 1/21/2004 [MA-4]
Rep Frost, Martin - 1/21/2004 [TX-24]
Rep Greenwood, James C. - 12/8/2003 [PA-8]
Rep Hinchey, Maurice D. - 12/8/2003 [NY-22]
Rep Hoeffel, Joseph M. - 12/8/2003 [PA-13]
Rep Holt, Rush D. - 1/21/2004 [NJ-12]
Rep Inslee, Jay 6/3/2004 - [WA-1]
Rep Israel, Steve - 2/25/2004 [NY-2]
Rep Kildee, Dale E. - 1/21/2004 [MI-5]
Rep Langevin, James R. - 2/25/2004 [RI-2]
Rep Larsen, Rick - 3/24/2004 [WA-2]
Rep LaTourette, Steve C. - 12/8/2003 [OH-14]
Rep Lee, Barbara - 2/4/2004 [CA-9]
Rep Levin, Sander M. 6/2/2004 - [MI-12]
Rep Maloney, Carolyn B. - 4/21/2004 [NY-14]
Rep McCollum, Betty - 1/21/2004 [MN-4]
Rep McDermott, Jim - 2/11/2004 [WA-7]
Rep McGovern, James P. - 2/25/2004 [MA-3]
Rep Meehan, Martin T. - 5/17/2004 [MA-5]
Rep Miller, George - 12/8/2003 [CA-7]
Rep Nethercutt, George R., Jr. - 5/4/2004 [WA-5]
Rep Norton, Eleanor Holmes - 12/8/2003 [DC]
Rep Olver, John W. - 3/24/2004 [MA-1]
Rep Owens, Major R. - 1/21/2004 [NY-11]
Rep Pallone, Frank, Jr. - 12/8/2003 [NJ-6]
Rep Price, David E. - 2/4/2004 [NC-4]
Rep Regula, Ralph - 5/17/2004 [OH-16]
Rep Roybal-Allard, Lucille - 12/8/2003 [CA-34]
Rep Ryan, Paul 6/3/2004 - [WI-1]
Rep Sabo, Martin Olav - 3/10/2004 [MN-5]
Rep Schakowsky, Janice D. - 3/10/2004 [IL-9]
Rep Schiff, Adam B. - 5/4/2004 [CA-29]
Rep Serrano, Jose E. - 12/8/2003 [NY-16]
Rep Shays, Christopher - 2/25/2004 [CT-4]
Rep Simmons, Rob - 4/21/2004 [CT-2]
Rep Slaughter, Louise McIntosh - 12/8/2003 [NY-28]
Rep Smith, Adam - 4/21/2004 [WA-9]
Rep Snyder, Vic - 2/4/2004 [AR-2]
Rep Tauscher, Ellen O. - 5/4/2004 [CA-10]
Rep Van Hollen, Chris - 2/4/2004 [MD-8]
Rep Waxman, Henry A. - 12/8/2003 [CA-30]
Rep Weldon, Curt 6/9/2004 - [PA-7]
Rep Wexler, Robert - 1/21/2004 [FL-19]
Rep Woolsey, Lynn C. - 12/8/2003 [CA-6]
Rep Wynn, Albert Russell - 5/4/2004 [MD-4]

S.741 (108th - 2003)

A bill to amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act with regard to new animal drugs, and for other purposes.

This bill successfully passed the Senate on March 8th, 2004.

Sen Allard, A. Wayne - 3/27/2003 [CO]
Sen Bingaman, Jeff - 3/27/2003 [NM]
Sen Cantwell, Maria - 2/25/2004 [WA]
Sen Collins, Susan M. - 3/27/2003 [ME]
Sen Craig, Larry E. - 3/27/2003 [ID]
Sen Crapo, Michael D. - 3/27/2003 [ID]
Sen Domenici, Pete V. - 5/13/2003 [NM]
Sen Durbin, Richard J. - 2/2/2004 [IL]
Sen Ensign, John E. - 3/27/2003 [NV]
Sen Enzi, Michael B. - 5/14/2003 [WY]
Sen Gregg, Judd - 3/27/2003 [NH]
Sen Harkin, Tom - 3/27/2003 [IA]
Sen Hatch, Orrin G. - 7/15/2003 [UT]
Sen Landrieu, Mary - 7/29/2003 [LA]
Sen Lincoln, Blanche - 3/27/2003 [AR]
Sen Miller, Zell - 3/27/2003 [GA]
Sen Murray, Patty - 7/9/2003 [WA]
Sen Pryor, Mark Lunsford - 9/23/2003 [AR]
Sen Shelby, Richard C. - 4/10/2003 [AL]
Sen Smith, Gordon - 5/22/2003 [OR]
Sen Wyden, Ron - 9/2/2003 [OR]

H.R. 2023 (108th - 2003)

To give a preference regarding States that require schools to allow students to self-administer medication to treat that student's asthma or anaphylaxis, and for other purposes.
Rep Barton, Joe - 5/7/2003 [TX-6]
Rep Bass, Charles F. - 5/9/2003 [NH-2]
Rep Brown, Corrine - 6/2/2003 [FL-3]
Rep Brown-Waite, Ginny - 5/22/2003 [FL-5]
Rep Christensen, Donna M. - 5/7/2003 [VI]
Rep Davis, Susan A. - 5/21/2003 [CA-53]
Rep Engel, Eliot L. - 5/9/2003 [NY-17]
Rep Foley, Mark - 5/15/2003 [FL-16]
Rep Frost, Martin - 10/8/2003 [TX-24]
Rep Issa, Darrell E. - 5/7/2003 [CA-49]
Rep Jackson-Lee, Sheila - 5/20/2003 [TX-18]
Rep Kennedy, Patrick J. - 5/7/2003 [RI-1]
Rep Kildee, Dale E. - 7/24/2003 [MI-5]
Rep Lantos, Tom - 6/4/2003 [CA-12]
Rep Lofgren, Zoe - 10/8/2003 [CA-16]
Rep McNulty, Michael R. - 5/9/2003 [NY-21]
Rep Owens, Major R. - 6/2/2003 [NY-11]
Rep Paul, Ron - 5/22/2003 [TX-14]
Rep Smith, Christopher H. - 5/7/2003 [NJ-4]
Rep Towns, Edolphus - 5/7/2003 [NY-10]
Rep Van Hollen, Chris - 5/14/2003 [MD-8]
Rep Walsh, James T. - 1/27/2004 [NY-25]
Rep Waters, Maxine - 5/8/2003 [CA-35]
Rep Waxman, Henry A. - 5/8/2003 [CA-30]
Rep Wynn, Albert Russell - 10/14/2003 [MD-4]

H.R. 2018 (108th - 2003)

To provide the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Secretary of Education with increased authority with respect to asthma programs, and to provide for increased funding for such programs.
Rep Christensen, Donna M. - 5/7/2003 [VI]
Rep Clyburn, James E. - 5/7/2003 [SC-6]
Rep Davis, Danny K. - 5/7/2003 [IL-7]
Rep DeLauro, Rosa L. - 5/7/2003 [CT-3]
Rep Emanuel, Rahm - 5/7/2003 [IL-5]
Rep Engel, Eliot L. - 5/7/2003 [NY-17]
Rep Green, Gene - 5/7/2003 [TX-29]
Rep Hinchey, Maurice D. - 5/7/2003 [NY-22]
Rep Jackson-Lee, Sheila - 5/15/2003 [TX-18]
Rep Kildee, Dale E. - 5/7/2003 [MI-5]
Rep McCarthy, Carolyn - 5/7/2003 [NY-4]
Rep Nadler, Jerrold - 5/7/2003 [NY-8]
Rep Norton, Eleanor Holmes - 5/7/2003 [DC]
Rep Pallone, Frank, Jr. - 5/7/2003 [NJ-6]
Rep Rangel, Charles B. - 5/7/2003 [NY-15]
Rep Schakowsky, Janice D. - 5/7/2003 [IL-9]
Rep Towns, Edolphus - 5/7/2003 [NY-10]

H.R. 1495 (108th - 2003)

To amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to safeguard public health and provide to consumers food that is safe, unadulterated, and honestly presented.
[No co-sponsors]

H.R. 1149 (108th - 2003)

To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to carry out programs regarding the prevention and management of asthma, allergies, and related respiratory problems, to establish a tax credit regarding pest control and indoor air quality and climate control services for multifamily residential housing in low-income communities, and for other purposes.
Rep Kennedy, Patrick J. - 12/8/2003 [RI-1]
Rep Norton, Eleanor Holmes - 3/6/2003 [DC]
Rep Owens, Major R. - 3/6/2003 [NY-11]
Rep Rangel, Charles B. - 5/20/2003 [NY-15]

H.R. 467 (108th - 2003)

To amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to require that foods containing spices, flavoring, or coloring derived from meat, poultry, other animal products (including insects), or known allergens bear labeling stating that fact and their names.
Rep DeLauro, Rosa L. - 1/29/2003 [CT-3]
Rep Frost, Martin - 2/27/2003 [TX-24]
Rep Kaptur, Marcy - 2/27/2003 [OH-9]
Rep Kucinich, Dennis J. - 5/8/2003 [OH-10]
Rep Lee, Barbara - 1/29/2003 [CA-9]
Rep Miller, George - 2/27/2003 [CA-7]
Rep Pallone, Frank, Jr. - 2/27/2003 [NJ-6]
Rep Rothman, Steve R. - 5/8/2003 [NJ-9]
Rep Sanders, Bernard - 2/27/2003 [VT]
Rep Schakowsky, Janice D. - 5/8/2003 [IL-9]
Rep Stark, Fortney Pete - 2/27/2003 [CA-13]
Rep Woolsey, Lynn C. - 2/27/2003 [CA-6]

H.R. 5747 (107th - 2002)

To amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to establish labeling requirements regarding allergenic substances in food, and for other purposes.
Rep Brown, Sherrod - 11/14/2002 [OH-13]
Rep DeFazio, Peter A. - 11/14/2002 [OR-4]
Rep DeLauro, Rosa L. - 11/14/2002 [CT-3]
Rep Frost, Martin - 11/14/2002 [TX-24]
Rep Hinchey, Maurice D. - 11/14/2002 [NY-26]
Rep Holt, Rush D. - 11/14/2002 [NJ-12]
Rep Langevin, James R. - 11/14/2002 [RI-2]
Rep Lee, Barbara - 11/14/2002 [CA-9]
Rep Levin, Sander M. - 11/14/2002 [MI-12]
Rep Miller, George - 11/14/2002 [CA-7]
Rep Nadler, Jerrold - 11/14/2002 [NY-8]
Rep Norton, Eleanor Holmes - 11/14/2002 [DC]
Rep Pallone, Frank, Jr. - 11/14/2002 [NJ-6]
Rep Price, David E. - 11/14/2002 [NC-4]
Rep Rangel, Charles B. - 11/14/2002 [NY-15]
Rep Rivers, Lynn N. - 11/14/2002 [MI-13]
Rep Rothman, Steve R. - 11/14/2002 [NJ-9]
Rep Roybal-Allard, Lucille - 11/14/2002 [CA-33]
Rep Smith, Adam - 11/14/2002 [WA-9]
Rep Waxman, Henry A. - 11/14/2002 [CA-29]

S.3001 (107th - 2002)

A bill to amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to establish labeling requirements regarding allergenic substances in food, and for other purposes.
Sen Clinton, Hillary Rodham - 9/25/2002 [NY]
Sen Collins, Susan M. - 9/25/2002 [ME]
Sen Dodd, Christopher J. - 9/25/2002 [CT]
Sen Frist, Bill - 9/25/2002 [TN]
Sen Gregg, Judd - 9/25/2002 [NH]
Sen Jeffords, James M. - 9/25/2002 [VT]
Sen Roberts, Pat - 9/25/2002 [KS]
Sen Torricelli, Robert G. - 9/25/2002 [NJ]

S.2499 (107th - 2002)

A Bill to amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to establish labeling requirements regarding allergenic substances in food, and for other purposes.
Sen Clinton, Hillary Rodham - 5/9/2002 [NY]
Sen Torricelli, Robert G. - 9/25/2002 [NJ]

H.R. 4704 (107th - 2002)

To amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to establish labeling requirements regarding allergenic substances in food, and for other purposes.
Rep Brown, Sherrod - 7/8/2002 [OH-13]
Rep DeFazio, Peter A. - 7/8/2002 [OR-4]
Rep DeLauro, Rosa L. - 5/23/2002 [CT-3]
Rep Frank, Barney - 5/9/2002 [MA-4]
Rep Hinchey, Maurice D. - 6/4/2002 [NY-26]
Rep Hoeffel, Joseph M. - 10/9/2002 [PA-13]
Rep Holt, Rush D. - 6/18/2002 [NJ-12]
Rep Israel, Steve - 5/9/2002 [NY-2]
Rep Jones, Stephanie Tubbs - 5/9/2002 [OH-11]
Rep Kildee, Dale E. - 5/9/2002 [MI-9]
Rep Kucinich, Dennis J. - 5/9/2002 [OH-10]
Rep Langevin, James R. - 9/17/2002 [RI-2]
Rep Lee, Barbara - 5/9/2002 [CA-9]
Rep Levin, Sander M. - 5/15/2002 [MI-12]
Rep McKinney, Cynthia A. - 5/9/2002 [GA-4]
Rep Mink, Patsy T. - 5/9/2002 [HI-2]
Rep Morella, Constance A. - 5/9/2002 [MD-8]
Rep Nadler, Jerrold - 5/9/2002 [NY-8]
Rep Neal, Richard E. - 10/8/2002 [MA-2]
Rep Owens, Major R. - 5/9/2002 [NY-11]
Rep Price, David E. - 7/26/2002 [NC-4]
Rep Rangel, Charles B. - 5/9/2002 [NY-15]
Rep Rivers, Lynn N. - 5/9/2002 [MI-13]
Rep Rothman, Steve R. - 11/13/2002 [NJ-9]
Rep Roybal-Allard, Lucille - 5/23/2002 [CA-33]
Rep Smith, Adam - 7/23/2002 [WA-9]
Rep Tierney, John F. - 10/9/2002 [MA-6]
Rep Velazquez, Nydia M. - 5/9/2002 [NY-12]

H.R. 1947 (107th - 2001)

Rep Berkley, Shelley - 5/22/2001 [NV-1]
Rep Fattah, Chaka - 7/18/2001 [PA-2]

H.R. 1816 (107th - 2001)

Rep Bonior, David E. - 10/5/2001 [MI-10]
Rep Brown, Sherrod - 8/2/2001 [OH-13]
Rep Faleomavaega, Eni F. H. - 10/5/2001 [AS]
Rep Kildee, Dale E. - 8/2/2001 [MI-9]
Rep Kucinich, Dennis J. - 12/13/2001 [OH-10]
Rep McGovern, James P. - 8/2/2001 [MA-3]
Rep McKinney, Cynthia A. - 8/2/2001 [GA-4]
Rep Mink, Patsy T. - 8/2/2001 [HI-2]
Rep Rivers, Lynn N. - 8/2/2001 [MI-13]

H.R. 1682 (107th - 2001)

Rep Baldwin, Tammy - 5/23/2002 [WI-2]
Rep Bonior, David E. - 6/26/2001 [MI-10]
Rep Capuano, Michael E. - 10/2/2001 [MA-8]
Rep Engel, Eliot L. - 6/26/2001 [NY-17]
Rep Frost, Martin - 6/14/2001 [TX-24]
Rep Gonzalez, Charles A. - 6/21/2001 [TX-20]
Rep Green, Gene - 6/21/2001 [TX-29]
Rep Gutierrez, Luis V. - 6/26/2001 [IL-4]
Rep Hilliard, Earl F. - 6/21/2001 [AL-7]
Rep Kildee, Dale E. - 7/19/2001 [MI-9]
Rep King, Peter T. - 6/14/2001 [NY-3]
Rep Lee, Barbara - 10/12/2001 [CA-9]
Rep Lofgren, Zoe - 6/26/2001 [CA-16]
Rep McCarthy, Carolyn - 6/14/2001 [NY-4]
Rep McGovern, James P. - 6/21/2001 [MA-3]
Rep Nadler, Jerrold - 7/24/2001 [NY-8]
Rep Norton, Eleanor Holmes - 6/26/2001 [DC]
Rep Owens, Major R. - 6/14/2001 [NY-11]
Rep Pallone, Frank, Jr. - 6/14/2001 [NJ-6]
Rep Payne, Donald M. - 7/11/2001 [NJ-10]
Rep Pelosi, Nancy - 7/19/2001 [CA-8]
Rep Rangel, Charles B. - 6/26/2001 [NY-15]
Rep Reyes, Silvestre - 6/21/2001 [TX-16]
Rep Rush, Bobby L. - 8/1/2001 [IL-1]
Rep Smith, Christopher H. - 7/11/2001 [NJ-4]
Rep Towns, Edolphus - 5/2/2002 [NY-10]

H.R. 1356 (107th - 2001)

Rep DeLauro, Rosa L. - 4/18/2002 [CT-3]
Rep Kucinich, Dennis J. - 7/11/2001 [OH-10]
Rep Lee, Barbara - 7/11/2001 [CA-9]
Rep Smith, Adam - 11/1/2001 [WA-9]

H.R. 1144 (107th - 2001)

Rep Lantos, Tom - 5/21/2002 [CA-12]
Rep McKinney, Cynthia A. - 7/22/2002 [GA-4]
Rep Owens, Major R. - 1/24/2002 [NY-11]
Rep Rush, Bobby L. - 4/3/2001 [IL-1]
Rep Towns, Edolphus - 5/9/2002 [NY-10]

H.R. 5532 (106th - 2000)


H.R. 5238 (106th - 2000)

Rep Berkley, Shelley - 10/5/2000 [NV-1]

H.RES. 309 (106th - 1999)

Rep Carson, Julia - 10/24/2000 [IN-10]
Rep Kucinich, Dennis J. - 11/9/1999 [OH-10]
Rep Lowey, Nita M. - 9/18/2000 [NY-18]
Rep Owens, Major R. - 11/9/1999 [NY-11]
Rep Payne, Donald M. - 11/9/1999 [NJ-10]
Rep Porter, John Edward - 9/27/2000 [IL-10]
Rep Smith, Christopher H. - 11/9/1999 [NJ-4]
Rep Thompson, Bennie G. - 11/18/1999 [MS-2]

H.R. 1965 (106th - 1999)

Rep Barton, Joe - 5/26/1999 [TX-6]
Rep Kennedy, Patrick J. - 8/5/1999 [RI-1]
Rep Millender-McDonald, Juanita - 8/5/1999 [CA-37]
Rep Pelosi, Nancy - 10/12/2000 [CA-8]

H.R. 1346 (106th - 1999)

Rep Bonior, David E. - 4/28/1999 [MI-10]
Rep Faleomavaega, Eni F. H. - 4/15/1999 [AS]
Rep Green, Gene - 4/15/1999 [TX-29]
Rep Hinchey, Maurice D. - 4/15/1999 [NY-26]
Rep Kucinich, Dennis J. - 4/28/1999 [OH-10]
Rep Meek, Carrie P. - 4/15/1999 [FL-17]
Rep Miller, George - 4/15/1999 [CA-7]
Rep Mink, Patsy T. - 11/2/1999 [HI-2]
Rep Rangel, Charles B. - 4/15/1999 [NY-15]
Rep Rothman, Steve R. - 4/15/1999 [NJ-9]
Rep Roukema, Marge - 4/28/1999 [NJ-5]
Rep Underwood, Robert A. - 4/15/1999 [GU]
Rep Wynn, Albert Russell - 4/15/1999 [MD-4]

Selected State Legislative Efforts

There are also lists containing the names of all the representatives and senators and listings by the city or town they represent.

Links to more information

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Kerry pledges safe food labels in the "first hundred days"
NYT article "The Allergy Prison" June 10, 2001
NFPA stresses ... labeling, rather than new legislation from CAIMA, 4/30/2001
Food Allergen Legislation Clears Key Threshold from The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), 9/25/2002
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Peanut allergy: where do we stand? by John Weisnagel, M.D.
EpiPen® Trainer - Directions for Use
Interpretation of commercial food ingredient labels by parents of food-allergic children

Books, papers and other reference material

Sample letter for your representative or senators
Food Allergies and the Foodservice Industry Booklet by Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association
Food Giants Agree to Tougher Labeling Requirements... by the Organic Consumers Association
Allergyfree Direct (UK)

Discussion forums

Yahoo Group Parents of Food Allergic Kids or POFAK  (Note: Members-only forum)


United States Senate web site
United States House of Representatives web site
Thomas Legislative Information


Birthday cake recipe (Milk, Egg, Peanut, Soy, and Nut (tree nut) free)
Other recipes from the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN)

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This site is maintained by a POFAK ("parent of a food allergic kid"), and I welcome comments, suggestions, and anything else that might be of value to others struggling with food allergies, asthma and related issues. 

I am interested in any information that might assist people who want to take a more active role in encouraging legislative support from federal, state and local government.  I am also interested in knowing of other allergy-related web sites and discussion forums.

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